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Hotel - Restaurant - Omaha Beach
On our natural scenic coast, at the very heart of Omaha Beach and historic Normandy Landing on June 6, 1944, come and take pleasure in long walks or horse rides along the fascinating 5 miles-long sandy strech

In the summertime, watever you choose, sunbathing, swimming or watersports, it's not far away
Throughout the whole year, sandyachting, riding, tennis, golf at the famous Omaha Beach Golf Club are available within 15 minutes, and the great outdoors in Saint Laurent is at your beck and call Don't forget picturesque Bessin around Bayeux with its many castles, abbeys and peaceful villages in Marshland Regional Park. On a sunny day, feel welcome on the restaurant terrace where you'll be served plain traditional food
Or if you feel like it, come inside and cuddle up with a good book or drink around the fireplace, in a warm atmosphere of wooden beams and soft light, wich will guarantee you pleasure and relaxation.
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